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Reputation Management

The Smartest Tool to Manage Your Online Reputation

Chances are, your business has customers.  (If it doesn't, you probably have bigger things to manage than your online reputation.)

When a customer buys one of your products or services, they enter in a contract with you to provide the highest value for their money.  Your reputation represents the balance (as perceived by the customer) between that value provided and the cost of the product or service.  If you keep that reputation high, not only will that customer come back, but will probably talk highly about you to their peers (also known as NEW customers).

Managing your Reputation

But the reality is, it will be much more difficult to get reviews, if you don't ask for them.  Most of the time, people will only leave negative reviews on their own volition...  So asking them to act when their experience is still fresh in their minds is key!

Most importantly:

A good online reputation is GOOD for search engine rankings!

Businesses should have the ability to:

Manage their online reputation

Be found by customers through accurate listings

See what’s being said
online and engage in online conversation

Our reputation management tool allows you to:

  • Confirm you are listed correctly online.
  • Monitor and manage all your reviews.
  • See how you compare to the competition.
  • See what's being said about your business online.

90% of Customers Read Online Reviews before Buying

Customer Voice gives you the power to gather customer experiences, boost your star power, and shine in front of consumers who are doing research about your business.

Customer Voice - Gaslamp Village Media Inc.

Reach customers wherever they are.

Customer Voice gives you the flexibility to request reviews over text message or email. Just create your email and, as you add new customers to the database, they will be contacted on your behalf to leave a favorable review!

Shine in local search.

Good reviews gets Google's attention!  Build domain authority and maximize the SEO benefits of positive customer experiences. Gathering authentic reviews will help you show up in search so new customers can find you (which builds even more positive reviews!).

Build a presence across the top review sites.

Make sure your business reviews show up where your customers spend the most time. Focus on collecting feedback on the review sites that impact your business.

Our powerful control panel makes this all possible!

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