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What is "Hosting"

Gaslamp Village Media Inc - Hosting Services

In "REAL LIFE" (or what internet nerds call 'IRL'), you need a place to run your business.  A physical store, warehouse, or location from which to operate.  Online, this is also true, except the physical location is a computer server that stores your data and 'serves' it to people who request it.  This "host" refers to that company who provides the computer server space to accommodate the many different online services you need, the most popular of which are DOMAIN, WEB, and EMAIL hosting.  You lease that virtual office space, and keep your domain, website, email on that host's server.

You can have one host providing you all of those services, or many hosts each providing you hosting for one or more of those services, and EACH service CAN be hosted on different servers.  Obviously, it makes sense to host all of these services with one company you trust.  This eliminates any unnecessary confusion, and keeping bits of scrap paper with all of your host's contact information scribbled on them.  :)

Enjoy a cool iced tea and a Good Host

We Do That!

3 signs you need a GOOD host:

  1. You currently have a website, but are not happy with the current hosting provider (You're not being serviced properly, or they don't maintain it when you need it the most.)
  2. You're FINALLY tired of giving people your Gmail address, and want to upgrade to a real, branded email address that represents you, your company and your brand,
  3. or you're looking for a custom domain name under which to brand ALL of your online 'real estate'.
  4. It's a super hot day, and you've just finished doing all the yard work.  Deeeelicious!

Choose one of our hosting services:

What is a "Domain"?

Domain Hosting with Gaslamp Village Media Inc.

A domain is simply the name for your Internet "Real Estate".  In 2019, there are more than 326 million domains registered for websites, email address, and other internet services in the world.

Very simply put, a domain is the "" address that is used to label you as a commercial internet real estate owner.

With a custom domain, you can have a website (eg:, email address (eg:, sub-domain to help classify sub-services under your domain (eg:

The Cheapest Real Estate Money Can Buy!

Managed domains from Gaslamp Village Media Inc. cost $25.00* per year, and allow you to tie all of your internet marketing services to that specific domain.  With web hosting, we cover the cost of 1 domain for you*.

*Some of the new "Top Level Domains" are significantly more expensive, due to their rare, or high-competition nature.  Domain TLD's like ".dentist, .pizza, or .bargains, may fetch between $30 and $100 per year.  Did you know high-end domains like, ".luxury" fetch upwards of $1000 per year!!

If you are planning to have a website, or custom email address, then yes. You need to choose and register a custom domain name. This is necessary for perpetuating your brand.
At Gaslamp Village Media Inc., we respect your brand. We will register and manage your domain for you. We do keep it in a kennel with all of our other domains, and they play and frolick and get along beautifully together. But should you ever wish to remove your domain from it's utopian existence and send it to another company to host (for any reason), as long as your account with us is in good standing, we will respect your desire to move. You would be ripping your domain away from the arms of our warm and loving care, but we respect your decision to do so.
That's a big YOU BETCHA! Moving a web domain does require acknowledgement from the current domain administrator, whether that's you, or your previous 'web guy'. All we need to do the transfer is an EPP Code (Which stands for "Transfer Authorization Code"... yeah, I know). With that code, we can proceed with the domain transfer. The domain transfer comes with a cost of $25.00 AND adds a full year of to your registration renewal date. Then we just need the other Administrator to acknowledge, and allow it... and BOOM! Your domain transfers in as little time as INSTANTLY (in the case of a .ca), or as much time as 1 Week (in the case of any other type of domain) after approval.
Just click on "I Need Domain Hosting Service" below, and give us a shout. Someone will contact you within the minute! (Or maybe instead, within 24 hours).
Well, really, the sky's the limit. You can pick any domain you want, as long as it's available. You just need to remember some basic rules of thumb:
  • Your domain should either represent your business name, or the type of service you provide. "" or ""
  • Your domain should be easy to roll off the tongue, so you can just tell people what it is. Easy to say, easy to find! If there are some weird spellings, punctuations, numbers or other factors, it could be harder to tell people, and for them to tell OTHER people about your great website.
  • It shouldn't be too long. People hate typing. Keep it short and sweet.
  • You can choose: .ca, .com, .net, .info, .co, etc... Or any one of hundreds of other Top Level Domains like: .shop, .golf, .doctor, .clinic, etc... For a full list, get in touch with us, and we can tell you all about it. There are over 3000 Top Level Domains available for varying prices per year.

Hosting your own website can be a daunting experience if you don't have the experience or the know-how to configure your own hosting account.  Depending on your level of need, Gaslamp Village Media has the tools to handle your web, email and domain hosting requirements.  We'll provide to you our technical expertise, and fanatical personalized customer support!

Hosting plans are based on your individual needs, and so prices may fluctuate:

DIY "Tinkerer's" Hosting

$ 30 /mo
When you already have a website you need to host, or you just want to play around.
  • Bring your website to us!
  • Or build your own!
  • Free Website Migration! (Conditions apply)
  • CPanel Access available
  • SSH Access available
  • Fanatical Customer Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Domain: $25.00 per year
  • Additional service plans available

Super CMS Package

$ 100 /mo
With a Premium Website Design Package or E-commerce site.
  • Super CDN Website Hosting
  • Self-editable pages and/or Integrated E-Commerce
  • Visual CMS Editor
  • Performance and Optimization features
  • Update your own site with ease!
  • 1 hour per month service plan ($120 value per month!)

What's your Email Address?

Email hosting by Gaslamp Village Media Inc.

Email... It has become an intricate part of our daily lives. We can't get away from it, and in business, it's as important (and arguably more important) today as our phones. What many small / medium sized businesses don't realize is that the email address you choose to use for your business is AS important as your website domain.

If you are still using generic email address domains like "GMAIL" or "HOTMAIL" or your isp's domain, it's time to think about what image you are conveying. You spent money on a good website. You own the domain, but you're still using a GMAIL account.

But having a custom email address is an important part of business marketing, and it just looks better.

Benefits of Using a Custom Branded Email Address

Having a custom email address is a no-brainer. Especially since you ALREADY have a web domain. Benefits include:

  • Professionalism and Credibility
  • Build your Company Brand
  • Easy to Remember
  • Your Email Address for Life
  • Email Address by Department, or group forwarding Lists

Email hosting through Gaslamp Village offers a couple different packages depending on your needs.

Bulk Email Plan

$ 50 /mo
Starting Business
  • Complete Support
  • Custom Email Domain
  • Webmail Access:
  • POP3-SSL:
  • Spam Protection (on-request):
  • Fully Managed
  • Email Forwarding
  • Vacation Message
  • Up to 15 custom email addresses
  • Total Email Storage per address: 500MBs

Billable monthly or annually at $600.00/year plus GST.

*This package is suitable for email addresses with low required capacity. Yearly domain registration is $25 extra per year. This is NOT recommended for users who expect larger volumes of email, or who wish to store email on their email server for long periods of time.