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3 Ways to Increase Lead Generation on your Website NOW

3 Ways to Increase Lead Generation on your Website NOW

One of the most common questions I get is: How do I use my website to get more paying clients?

The answer to that question isn't exactly cut and dried. And I always answer it with that age-old catch phrase: "That depends".

Connect With your (potential) Clients

If your website is designed to sell products directly online, then yes. Your website can be used to directly catch (and collect money from) customers ready, willing, and able to pay now. Hit the website, look up the product you want, click BUY NOW, and hand-over the digits. Done. Boom.

But for service oriented clients, it becomes a little more of a cat and mouse game, and the mindset shouldn't be "How can I get more paying clients?", but more "How can I generate more LEADS?" Ultimately, the job of turning leads into paying clientele falls on you, through your follow up and salesmanship (which you are an expert at). But collecting leads is something the web does particularly well.

This method is accomplished in three major ways:

  • 1. Increase your credibility. Blog!
  • 2. Incease your visibility. Integrate - Social Media
  • 3. Increase your availability! (Chat, direct email)

Increase your credibility

Increasing credibility means creating the impression that you are an EXPERT in your field (Which, of course, YOU ARE)... and letting people know (see visibility below)!

This is best done through BLOGGING. "But what do I Blog about?" The easiest answer to that is relatively straight forward. BLOG about the common questions and problems your clients face on a daily basis. If people ask you the same question over and over again, it means that there is a common pain-point that many of your clients face (which you, of course, are perfectly qualified to educate them about!) AND if the problem is a common one, people are probably searching for the answer online. A well crafted (keyworded) BLOG will provide the answers to people looking for answers to that problem.

Increase your visibility

Increasing your visibility means putting your blog post, or your web or landing pages in front of the people who might need the answers to this question! That means properly keywording your blog so people online who are looking for those answers will find them, and posting your blog on social media, pointing back to your blog page on your website. Once on your web page, you can target those potential customers to contact you, or even download an article or e-book in exchange for some contact information (an email address or phone number) so you can contact them back.

Increase your availability

Being available to people online is an important method of lead generation. Having an up front (on the front page, and even "Above the Fold") Contact Form that collects a name, email address, phone number and short message is a sure way that you can connect with your existing or potential clientele. Other methods include adding a CHAT bot, or MOBILE Chat function that will automatically send you a text message or chat message directly to your cell phone. Driving people from your website to your social media channels also allows them the opportunity to contact you via any of those channels as well. Being AVAILABLE to speak (or contact for later reply) will make collecting potential clients much easier than just waiting for them to call you.

By increasing your credibility, visibility and availability, you will almost certainly increase your PROFITABILITY.

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