About Us

Who We Are

Okay, so here’s how this goes:

Back in the ancient times of the internet (circa 2004), a creative lady named Marlyn set out upon a quest - to build websites that both worked well and were darn fine to look at!

And a darn good job she did, too, for it wasn’t long before her Gaslamp Village Web Design dealings grew in demand and her livelihood thrived! But alas, other things were changing, too. Technology had evolved as technology tends to do, and a fine looking website was no longer enough. It had to be interactive, functional, mobile friendly, and Search Engine Optimized!

So began Marlyn’s next quest - to find a young mind or two to help bring her designs to the future!

Fast forward to 2015 where we meet the terribly-enthusiastic minds of Dave Cruickshank and Scott Johnstone. One, a radio producer turned videographer, and web developer. The other, a jack-of-all-trades turned web programmer. Together, they would not only help Marlyn enhance her website capabilities, but assist her in reaching early retirement by purchasing Gaslamp Village Web Design for a chance to help make businesses shine online!

Swiftly adding web hosting, video and audio production, and professional writing to their menu of services, Gaslamp Village Media Inc. was born!

Meet our team

At Gaslamp Village Media Inc. we believe that it takes a team of talented individuals each lending their strengths to successfully market businesses online.

Dave Cruickshank
CEO, Audio/Video, Photos, Server Admin, Tech Support

Dave has an impressive 24 years of experience in the media industry. Originally a radio producer, Dave is enthusiastic about combining traditional media with modern web technology.

A self-proclaimed “computer geek” Dave continues to be the guy you call when you need something fixed!

Scott Johnstone
Lead Developer - HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and More!

Scott has over a decade of experience in web development and SEO. He also specializes in complex web programming.

As a co-owner of Gaslamp Village Media Inc. Scott is enthusiastic about the future of web media production and modern SEO.

Chrissy Cruickshank
Creative Writer, Incredibly FUN Person

With over 15 years in the Creative Writing field, Chrissy is perfectly adapted to making words singly loudly about your business!

Always a smile on her face, she is a pleasure to work with, a creative POWER house, and will make the painful task of 'wordifying' your business fun!

Our Mission

Gaslamp Village - Our Mission

It is our mission to produce high quality websites and online web content that is informative, interesting and fun. By striving to put quality first and utilizing modern search optimization best practices, we are able to help business thrive in a competitive market.

We also work to educate businesses about the value of online marketing and investing in their online footprint to increase sales and connect with their customers.

Our Commitment

Gaslamp Village - Our Commitment“At Gaslamp Village Media Inc, we are committed to producing high quality web content for businesses who wish to market themselves online.

We provide a variety of user friendly web marketing solutions that are meant to help business owners reach more customers and generate sales in a way that is ethical, friendly and modern.”

As a premier web production company, Gaslamp Village Media Inc is devoted to creating client relationships that are based on trust and a mutual understanding of your business goals. The key objective is to help marketers successfully represent themselves online by developing a web marketing strategy that speaks to today’s online user.

It doesn't hurt to give us a call... We're really friendly people!